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Hybrid ACDC Solar Powered Water Heater Air Source Heat Pump 4.1KW 200L 300L

Hybrid ACDC Solar Powered Water Heater Air Source Heat Pump 4.1KW 200L 300L

Hybrid ACDC Solar Powered Water Heater Air Source Heat Pump 4.1KW 200L 300L
Hybrid ACDC Solar Powered Water Heater Air Source Heat Pump 4.1KW 200L 300LHybrid ACDC Solar Powered Water Heater Air Source Heat Pump 4.1KW 200L 300LHybrid ACDC Solar Powered Water Heater Air Source Heat Pump 4.1KW 200L 300L
Catalogue de ProduitSolar Heat Pump
MarqueSolarker Hybrid ACDC Solar
Water Tank Volume300L
Heating Capacity4100W
Rated Power Consumption972(180-1200)W
Rated AC Grid Power208-240V/50-60Hz
Solar Panel Power(DC)80V-380V
Water Heating 15℃ to 55℃88.1L/H
Heure à jour2024/7/19
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Solarker Hybrid AC/DC Solar Air Source Hot Water Heat PumpSKRA1-ACDC-41/300
How Efficient is a Hot Water Heat Pump?

A Co-Efficient of Performance (COP) is a ratio of heat energy produced compared to electrical energy consumed by an appliance. The higher the COP, the less energy is consumed to produce the same amount of heat. A comparison of COPs shows that electric heating has a COP of 1; meaning for every 1kW of energy consumed only 1kW of heat is produced. Gas heating is even lower at 0.85, which means for every 1kW consumed only 0.85kW of useful heat is produced.
Solarker Air Source Hot Water Heat Pumps are extremely energy efficient and can achieve COPs between 3-4 when only use Grid AC power to heat the water, meaning they can produce 3-4kW of heat for every 1kW consumed. As no fossil fuels are directly burnt in the operation of a heat pump.
solar air to air water heater
Why Choose A Hot Water Heat Pump?
According to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), hot water usage accounts for up to 30% of a home’s annual power bill. Hot Water Heat Pumps can provide energy efficient solutions for all applications where water is heated or cooled.

Energy Efficiency
Hot water heat pumps offer the highest levels of energy efficiency with the ability to provide 3-4kW of heat energy for every 1kW used.

Lowest Running Costs
The more energy efficient a heating system is, the cheaper it is to run. Hot water heat pumps offer the cheapest available kW/h rate for hot water heating.

Weather Compensation
Weather compensation can detect changes in outdoor ambient conditions, allowing the hot water heat pump to adjust the water temperature. This ensures the right  comfort temperature is produced without excess energy wastage.

Hot water heat pumps are the perfect option because the water and the heating pipe are 100% isolated, as there are no hot surfaces, they are an extremely safe heating option.
hybrid acdc solar water heat pump
Features of Solarker Split Hot Water Heat Pump

air to water heat pump
Split Design
Split design allows you to install the outdoor unit outsite, which is much quieter. The installatoin can be also flexible.
air source heat pump Enamel tank
Enamel Water Tank
The Enamel is brushed inside the water tank which is of high resistance and of great pressure bearing, because the enamel makes the welding line of the stainless panel separate with the water. That prolongs the working life for the unit.
air source water heater
Microchannel Heat Exchanger
Water and exchanger is separated. The indirect microchannel heat exchanger makes longer life and more stable of the system. The water quality can also reach drinking water level..
solar air source water heater
Max Water Temperature can Reach 60°C
Max water temperature reach 60℃, which means best for residentail hot water using and highest efficiency, at the same time this temperature inhibit bacteria, clean the water
Hybrid ACDC Solar Powered Water Heater features

acdc hot water heat pump
100% Solar Driven
Pure solar DC power driven DC compressor and motor in the day without grid or battery backup
solar water heater manufacturer
Auto Balance
Always solar DC priority, AC/DC auto balance when there is grid backup
hot water heat pump with solar
Built-in Solar MPPT Controller
No Need extra inverter no need battery backup.
hybrid acdc water heater with solar panel
High Safety Protection
1.PV input lightning protection. 2.Residual current monitoring unit. 3.Output over current Protection 4.Output over voltage Protection
solar panel hot water heat pump
APP Power Monitor
Check power data by App on the mobile phone anytime anywhere
air source heat pump
High Tracking Efficiency
MPPT tracking efficiency can reach 99.8%
hybrid ACDC water heat pump
Wide MPPT Voltage
VMP 80-380V, VOC 390V
air to air heat pump
Solar Panel Capable through 
MC4 Connector
With MC4 connector to easily connect solar panel
Model Name SKRA1-ACDC-41/200 SKRA1-ACDC-41/300
Water Tank Model DSX-200G DSX-300G
Water Tank Volume 200L 300L
Heating Capacity 4100W 4100W
Rated AC Grid Power 208-240V/50-60Hz 208-240V/50-60Hz
Solar Panel Power(DC) 80V-380V 80V-380V
Electric Shock Prevention Class I Class I
Water Heating 15℃ to 55℃ 88.1L/H 88.1L/H
Rated Power Consumption 972W 972W
Rated Current 4.5A 4.5A
COP 4.22 4.22
Max Current(AC) 7.4A 7.4A
Max Current(DC) 12.0A 12.0A
Max Power consumption 1600W 1600W
Noise Level 52dB(A) 52dB(A)
Refrigerant R410A R410A
Water Proof Level IPX4 IPX4
Outdoor Net/Gross Weight 33.5/37.5kg 33.5/37.5kg
Outdoor Net Dimention 802*323*564mm 802*323*564mm
Outdoor Package Dimention 910*405*622mm 910*405*622mm
Water Tank Net/Gross Weight 60/68kg 80/92kg
Water Tank Dimention Φ520×1600mm Φ580×1810mm
Water Tank Package Dimention 550*550*1665mm 605*605*1915mm
Water Inlet/Outlet Connector Size DN20 DN20
Heat Exchanger Max. Pressure 4.4MPa 4.4MPa
Max Discharge/Suction Pressure 4.4/1.8MPa 4.4/1.8MPa
Test Condition:
Ambient Temp.(DB/WB): 20℃/15℃, Water Temp.(In/Out): 15℃/55℃
Solarker Installation Manual
ACDC Solar Air Conditioner Solarker
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