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Hybrid ACDC Solar Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump 17KW R32 DC Inverter

Hybrid ACDC Solar Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump 17KW R32 DC Inverter

Hybrid ACDC Solar Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump 17KW R32 DC Inverter
Hybrid ACDC Solar Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump 17KW R32 DC InverterHybrid ACDC Solar Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump 17KW R32 DC InverterHybrid ACDC Solar Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump 17KW R32 DC InverterHybrid ACDC Solar Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump 17KW R32 DC InverterHybrid ACDC Solar Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump 17KW R32 DC Inverter
Catalogue de ProduitSolar Heat Pump
MarqueSolarker Hybrid ACDC Solar
Rated Grid Power(AC)208-240V 50/60Hz
Solar Panel Power(DC)80-380V
Heating Capacity(27/24.3℃)2.4-17.0
Heating Power Input0.15-2.83
RefreigerantR410A / R32
Heure à jour2024/7/19
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Solarker Hybrid ACDC Solar Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump
At present, the swimming pool heat pump, especially the DC inverter swimming pool heat pump, has become the first choice of users in the United States, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and other markets. The reason is that its COP can reach more than 15, good energy saving, small size, easy installation and long service life. However, for a conventional small household 60 cubic meter swimming pool, even the most efficient DC inverter swimming pool heat pump will consume 60kwh to 100kwh or more per day in order to maintain the pool water temperature in autumn and winter.
solar swimming pool heat pump
hybrid acdc solar swimming pool heat pump
If the DC inverter swimming pool heat pump is combined with photovoltaic technology, we can completely realize the free use of solar DC power to provide free heat energy to the swimming pool without AC grid power during the day, and the COP of the swimming pool heat pump is still the same when using Solar DC Power. Keep it above 15. At the same time, combined with the photovoltaic DC water pump control technology, the entire heating system can even be operated off-grid. In the case of poor lighting conditions or at night, the grid power can be automatically replenished at any time to achieve the same power saving effect as the DC inverter heat pump.
Solarker Hybrid ACDC solar air source swimming pool heat pump is currently the most advanced product in the market that combines photovoltaic DC and DC Inverter heat pump technology and solar swimming pool inverter water pump technology. Its energy efficiency is much higher than that of existing products in the market, and it can even achieve pure off-grid operation with zero power consumption.
solar pool heater
About Installation

Hybrid ACDC Solar swimming pool heat pump uses a built-in MPPT booster controller, which is very easy to install, compared with normal Inverter Swimming pool heat pump, you just need to connec the unit to both AC grid power through terminal L/N and DC solar panel power through the unit MC4 connector. So the unit will automatically work either solar panel power or AC grid power or priority solar and back up power from grid power.
hybrid swimming pool heat pump
How Does Pool Heat Pump Work?

1st, Pool water get into the heat pump letin Pipe when the pump works.

2nd, The sensor on the Titanium Heat Exchanger tests the water temperature.

3rd, The heat pump compressor and fan works, move the air source heating to the Titannium Heat Exchanger through R32 or R410a refrigerant.

4th, The pool water go through the heat exchanger and get heating from the Titannium Heat Exchanger and temperature increase.

5th, . The heated water return back to the pool.

6th. The hot gas R32 or R410a refrigerant cools and reverts to liquid form and back to the evaporator.

7th. The whole process starts over again and continues till the water reach set temperature.

solar swimming pool heat pump 17kw
Main Features of Solar Swimming Pool Heat Pump
100% DC Inverter System, High Effciency
DC inverter compressor
DC Fan motor
EEV refrigerant accurate control
COP up to 16 without solar panel DC power
45% energy saving compared with normal ON/OFF type
DC inverter pool heat pump
13KW swimming pool heater
Twin Rotary Inverter Compressor
Low noise level
Stable working
Powerful Heating
Hybrid ACDC Solar Panel Connection
Built in Solar Mppt Controller
AC+DC Auto balance, priority Solar
100% solar working day time
MC4 PV+- easy connector
50%-100% energy saving compared with Inverter Heat Pump
pool heater by solar
swimming pool heat pump factory
Smart Controller
AC and DC Power meter checking
Smart Wifi Connection
Water pump On/Off control
Titannium Heat Exchanger
High Efficiency
High water pressure resistance
swimming pool water heater by solar panel
Solar Swimming Pool Heat Pump
Item Unit 11KW 15KW 17KW
Rated Grid Power(AC) 208-240V 50/60Hz 208-240V 50/60Hz 208-240V 50/60Hz
Solar Panel Power(DC) 80-380V 80-380V 80-380V
Heating Capacity(27/24.3℃) kW 2.1-11.2 2.3-15.0 2.4-17.0
Heating Power Input kW 0.14-1.72 0.15-2.31 0.15-2.83
COP 15.5-6.5 15.8-6.5 16.0-6.0
Heating Capacity(15/12℃) kW 1.6-8.0 1.8-10.5 1.9-13.0
Heating Power Input kW 0.21-1.67 0.24-2.19 0.25-2.71
COP 7.7-4.8 7.5-4.8 7.6-4.8
Max Power Consumption kW 2.11 2.74 2.97
Max Current(AC) A 9.2 12 13
Max Current(DC) A 12 12 12
Water Proof Level IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
Electric Shock Prevention Class I Class I Class I
Compressor Rotary Rotary Rotary
Refreigerant R32 R32 R32
Water Side Heat Exchanger Titanium Titanium Titanium
Air Side Heat Exchanger Finned tube Finned tube Finned tube
Fan Power Input W 55 55 55
Fan Direction Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Water Connection mm 48.3 48.3 48.3
Water Flow Volume m3/h 3.2  4.0  4.6 
Water Pressure Drop(max) kPa 5.5 8.0  10.0 
Noise(1m) dB(A) 39-51 42-53 43-54
Unit Net Dimensions(L/W/H) mm 995×432×633 995×432×633 995×432×633
Unit Ship Dimensions(L/W/H) mm 1063×475×695 1063×475×695 1063×475×695
Net Weight kg 45 48 50
Shipping Weight kg 50 53 55
Heating:Outdoor air temp:27/24.3℃,Inlet water temp:26℃
               Outdoor air temp:15/12℃,Inlet water temp:26℃
Operating range:Ambient temperature:-15~43℃     Inlet Water temperature:10~35℃
Note: Parameters are subject to change without prior notice, please refer to the nameplate!
Solarker Installation Manual
ACDC Solar Air Conditioner Solarker
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