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Hybrid ACDC Solar Power Air Conditioner 18000BTU 1.5Ton R32/R410A Europe

Hybrid ACDC Solar Power Air Conditioner 18000BTU 1.5Ton R32/R410A Europe

Hybrid ACDC Solar Power Air Conditioner 18000BTU 1.5Ton R32/R410A Europe
Hybrid ACDC Solar Power Air Conditioner 18000BTU 1.5Ton R32/R410A EuropeHybrid ACDC Solar Power Air Conditioner 18000BTU 1.5Ton R32/R410A EuropeHybrid ACDC Solar Power Air Conditioner 18000BTU 1.5Ton R32/R410A EuropeHybrid ACDC Solar Power Air Conditioner 18000BTU 1.5Ton R32/R410A EuropeHybrid ACDC Solar Power Air Conditioner 18000BTU 1.5Ton R32/R410A Europe
Catalogue de ProduitSolar Air Conditioner
MarqueSolarker Hybrid ACDC Solar
Rated Cooling Capacity17300(4100-20400) BTU
Rated Cooling Power Input1400(220-2100) W
Rated Heating Capacity6100(1200-6800) W
Rated Heating Input Power1770(220-2500) W
Grid AC Power220V/50-60HZ (140-300V Wide Range)
Solar DC Power Vom80-380V DC(By Solar Panel)
DC Inverter CompressorHighly Twin Rotary DC Inverter
MPPT Solar ControllerBuilt-In
Working Temperature-10 to 58℃ (T3 Tropical)
Heure à jour2024/7/19
Info en détails
Solarker Hybrid AC/DC Solar Air ConditionerSK-ACDC-18K  1.5Ton

Solarker Solar Power Air Conditioner 18000BTU use full DC inverter compressor, full DC motors, utilizes the unstable DC power generated by photovoltaic panels, does not need inverter conversion, does not need batteries or AC grid power stand by to balance, and directly supplies DC power to the compressor and motor, using VRF frequency conversion Technology, the operating frequency of the compressor and DC motor varies according to the solar panel output DC power to achieve a stable operation state.

18000btu solar air condtioner
ACDC solar air conditioner heat pump 12000btu
acdc solar air conditioner heat pump acdc12c
hybrid air conditioner with solar
About Installation

Hybrid AC/DC Solar AC uses a built-in MPPT booster controller, which is very easy to install. Install the indoor unit and outdoor unit just like ordinary air-conditioning installations, connect to the grid power through L/N terminal or solar panel DC power through MC4 connectors from the outdoor unit, and the air-conditioning can work normally.
How does Solarker Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner works
Solarker Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioner does not require batteries or solar inverters. Under normal daylight conditions, the DC inverter compressor is directly driven by the solar DC power generated by 3-8 solar panels to cool or heat according to the set temperature. At night or in rainy days, when the solar light is insufficient, the air conditioner will automatically calculate and obtain insufficient electricity from the grid power to work, automatically balance the grid AC and solar DC electricity, and make the system run stably throughout the day.

1.5TON Solar air conditioner hybrid
Differences between Solarker Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioners and ordinary air conditioners
1. Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioner must use DC Inverter Compressor and BLDC motor
2.  Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioners use the twin rotary inverter compressor to ensure that the noise and vibration of the external machine are small and the energy efficiency is excellent.
3. Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioner get smaller starting current: 1-3A, wider voltage operating range: AC 80-290V
4. Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioners use EEV to precisely control refrigerant flow, high efficiency and energy saving
5. The solar MPPT module electronic control board must be connected to the compressor and motor and communicate
6. Improved PV DC safety protection
7. Improved fault code warning and after-sales service code for easier service
8. Both Grid AC power and Solar DC power need to be powered from the outdoor unit
9. Statistical data display of solar DC solar power and AC grid power consumption(Solarker get from the mob APP)
10. Even if it is not connected to solar panel, it is only necessary to achieve ultra-high energy efficiency in the Grid AC mode to achieve the greatest energy saving purpose
11. Only solar power in day time the unit works stable without grid power
18000btu solar air conditioner installation
Structure of Solarker Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner
18000btu hybrid ACDC Solar AC
Installation of Solarker Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner
What are included in the Solarker solar air conditioner packages
hybrid solar aircon
Packing List
Air Conditioner Indoor Unit
Air Conditioner outdoor Unit
Remote Controller
Remote Controller Holder
AAA Battery
In&Out Connecting Wire
Installtion Instructions
Wall Screws
Connecting Copper Pipe
No. 10
Indoor Unit Hanger
No. 11
Pipe Paking Belt
Drain Pipe
Pipe Jacket
Mc4 Connector
Model Name Unit  SK-ACDC-12K  SK-ACDC-18K SK-ACDC-24K
Application Area m2 15-25 20-35 30-48
Grid AC Power Type / 220V/50-60HZ 220V/50-60HZ 220V/50-60HZ
Solar DC Power VOM Vdc 80-380 80-380 80-380
Solar DC Power VOC Vdc <=390V <=390V <=390V
DC Power Current IOC A <=12A <=12A <=12A
Suggest Solar Panel Pcs 3-4* 450W 4-5*450W 6-7*450W
Rated Cooling Capacity W 3510(900-3900) 5070(1200-6000) 6450(1800-7900)
Rated Cooling Capacity Btu 12000(3000-13300) 17300(4100-20400) 22000(6100-25000)
Rated Cooling Power Input W 940(190-1270) 1400(220-2100) 1790(300-2800)
Rated Heating Capacity W 4100(1000-4500) 6100(1200-6800) 7800(1800-8000)
Rated Heating Power Input W 1170(190-1700) 1770(220-2500) 2290(300-2800)
EER W/W&BTU/W 3.75/12.75 3.60/12.35 3.60/12.30
SEER (USA) / 21 19 18
Compressor / Highly Twin Rotary Inverter Highly Twin Rotary Inverter Panasonic Twin Rotary Inverter
Indoor Fan Motor / BLDC-15W BLDC-45W BLDC-45W
Indoor unit Dimension mm 840×205×295 1080×330×237 1080×330×237
Indoor unit Packing mm 920×290×360 1140×300×382 1140×300×382
Indoor Unit Net/Gross Weight Kg 9.0/12.5 15.0/18.5 15.0/18.5
Outdoor Fan Motor / BLDC-40W BLDC-55W BLDC-75W
Outdoor Unit Dimension mm 802×564×323 802×564×323 900×700×337
Outdoor Unit Packing mm 910×622×405 910×622×405 1006×755×418
Outdoor Net/Gross Weight Kg 33.5/37.5 37/42.0 50/54.5
Refrigerant type / R410A R410A R410A
Refrigerant Pipe Size Inch 3/8  1/4 1/2  1/4 1/2   1/4
Solar Features
There is many special features of Solarker hybrid ACDC solar powered air conditioner such as: AC/DC solar power meter data from APP, AC power 3 stages limitation, RS485 control, pls check details below:
acdc solar aircon

100% Solar Driven-Off Grid Work

Pure solar DC power driven DC compressor and motor in the day without grid or battery backup

hybrid solar aircon with Pv panel

Auto Balance AC and DC Power

Always solar DC priority, AC/DC auto balance when cloudy days with grid power stand by

hybrid solar power air conditioner

Wide MPPT Voltage

VMP: 80V-380Vdc

VOC: 390Vdc

ISC: 13A(Over 13A no damage)

acdc hybrid solar aircon

MPPT High Tracking Efficiency

MPPT tracking efficiency can reach 99.9%

solar air conditioner with PV panel

High Solar Safety Protection

PV input lightning protection

Residual current monitoring unit

Output over current Protection

Output over voltage Protection

acdc solar ac

Built-In MPPT Solar Controller

The Solar Mppt Booster build inside the outdoor unit with air condtioner outdoor controoler. No need extra solar inverter installation.

hybrid solar ac

MC4 Solar Panel Connector

Outdoor unit with MC4 connector to easily connect solar panel PV+ and PV-

dc solar aircon

APP Power Monitor

Check solar power data and AC power consumption history data by app anytime anywhere. Easily know how much saving energy everyday.

hybrid solar aircon heat pump

3 Stage Grid AC Power Limiter

Limit the air conditioner AC power input consumption by 25% 50% 75%  
solar ac heat pump

LED display with DC Solar 

Air conditioner indoor unit display light board displays Solar/Grid power working status.

solar acdc heat pump
Auto Restart Next Morning
Air Conditioner will automatically restart itself when the solar return in the morning next day
hybrid heat pump solar ac
RS485 Communication
Air Conditioner indoor unit capable with RS485 communication connector to control the unit. 
DC Inverter Air Conditioner Features
heat pump solar air conditioner
Twin Rotay DC Inverter Compressor
High Efficiency, low noise level, stable working, longer life design. Powerful Cooling.
solar heat pupm air conditioner
Low Noise DC Motor
DC fan motor, higher efficiency and accurate control
acdc solar heat pump aircon
Golden Fin Evaporator and Condenser
Golden Fin is more resistant to oxidation and corrosion than ordinary blue fins of most
solar air conditioning
WiFi Remote Control
 WIFI connection to the air conditioner and control anywhere and anytime through mobile APP
solar power heat pump
Wide Grid AC Voltage
With DC inverter compressor and the self-developed electronic control system, the air conditioner can be started and operated normally under a voltage between 130 and 280V in order to solve the problem of unstable voltage
solar power air conditioning
Fault Code Indicate
When the machine operates with problems, display section will show the corresponding fault code to make after -sales service convenient and prompt.
hybrid solar aircon heat pump
Labyrinth PCB Cooling Radiator
Outdoor inverter electric control box uses labyrinth design, and proved by 2H rainstorm simulation test, it won’t get wet even in the typhoon day
hybrid solar air conditioner with panel
5VA security controller Box 
The highest level of fire-proof materials are adopted to protect the internal electronic control components, and prevent fire due to internal and external factors upon an accident.
solar heat pump air conditioner
Dual Side Water Outlets
The water outlet can be installed on either left or right side of the water tray for your convenience. connector to control the unit. 
solar power air conditioning
Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant
R32 or R410A refrigerant can be selected
solar heat pump manufacturer
58℃ Tropical Temperature Working
T3 System, High EER level design, the unit works under 58 degree middle east tropical temperature
solar heat pump supplier
EEV Accurate Refrigerant Control
System with EEV control the flow of refrigerant, reach higher energy efficiency level
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